We are lucky to have such a dedicated and committed staff at our school.

Our current staff:

Executive HeadteacherMr A J Laskey
Acting Deputy Head Teacher, Early Years LeadMrs C West
Acting Assistant Head, Key Stage 2 Lead, Year 6 TeacherMr A Rashid
Key Stage 1 Lead, Year 2 TeacherMrs S Young
SENCo, Year 5 teacherMrs L McIntyre
Early Years TeacherMiss K Boswell
Early Years TeacherMrs J Birtles
Year 1 TeacherMr W Lees
Year 3 TeacherMiss H Potts
Year 4 TeacherMiss C McCarroll


Learning Support Staff


Higher Level Teaching AssistantMiss S Wilcock
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMrs T Kayley
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMrs J Birtles
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMrs J Giblin
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMrs L Alderson
Teaching AssistantMrs R Saxon
Teaching AssistantMrs S Uglow
Teaching AssistantMiss V Oxley
Teaching AssistantMrs E Sedgewick
Teaching AssistantMiss N Bird
Teaching AssistantMrs P Flint
Teaching AssistantMrs V Green
Teaching AssistantMrs L Taylor
Teaching AssistantMrs T Devine
Teaching AssistantMrs R Brookes
Teaching AssistantMiss J Laskey
Teaching AssistantMr C Cull
Teaching AssistantMrs N Porter
Teaching AssistantMiss N Ferguson
Teaching AssistantMrs S McDonald


Sports CoachMr A Young
Assistant Sports CoachMr T Bentley
Chess TutorMr P Keech
Music TeacherMrs L Brocklehurst
Music TeacherMs Crebbin
Brass TeacherMr C Codd



School Business ManagerMrs C Wareing
Office administratorMrs D Ellis
Site ManagerMr M Ellis
CleanerMiss H Womersley
CleanerMiss K Pixton



Senior Mid-Day SupervisorMrs R Saxon
Mid-Day SupervisorMiss K Melvin
Mid-Day SupervisorMrs K Pixton
Mid-Day SupervisorMiss H Womersley
Mid-Day SupervisorMr M Ellis
Mid-Day SupervisorMrs N Ferguson
Mid-Day SupervisorMrs L Broadhead
Mid-Day SupervisorMr C Cull
Mid-Day SupervisorMiss N Bird
Mid-Day SupervisorMrs N Porter
Mid Day SupervisorMrs  S McDonald