School Council


We have meetings each half term to discuss new ideas / issues about our school.

We also organise events in school to raise funds for school / charities – eg. Red Nose Day, Children In Need

How many representatives do we have?

We have 2 representatives per class – usually one boy and one girl.

How do we become a Class Representative?

In the Infants we volunteer to be a representative and then our class are asked to vote.

In the Juniors we have to: 1) Complete a nomination form – we have to ask 2 members of our class to nominate us and then we have to write down on the form why we think we would be a good member of the School Council. 2) We hold an election – we read out our forms in front of the class and then they are asked to vote.

How long do we stay on the School Council for?

We represent our class for one year (Sept – July)