Our Vision

Our vision for St Thomas’ Moorside is one where…………

As friends and family we work together to provide a stimulating, enthusiastic
and caring environment, where everyone experiences personal success.


We seek to develop a centre of excellence for the nurture of the whole child.

In doing so we will work with parents to encourage each individual to fulfil
their potential in a spirit of tolerance, respect and co-operation.

At St. Thomas Moorside we aim to:

• Foster a Christian ethos in which children develop a respect and
understanding of Christianity and other faiths through living within a caring,
committed and loving community

• Provide a safe, supportive environment in which all children can develop as
citizens of the 21 st century, able to reflect on their actions, and their
impact on others in an inclusive environment.

• Achieve the highest possible standards within a broad and balanced
curriculum with an emphasis on Literacy, Numeracy and Information
Communication Technology.

• Provide each child with a progression of learning, which meets their
individual needs, developing the skills of communication, enquiry, problem
solving, co-operation and thinking skills.

• Sustain a staff that works together to promote the school’s values by
developing the skills necessary to maintain high standards of Teaching and